Inkstuds 500


Special guests Frank Santoro and Brandon Graham help me bring in the 500th episode of inkstuds. 8 and a half years of podcasting and still going strong. I had those two gents on because both of them have been on several times in the past and I always enjoy talking to them.

During the show, Brandon and I announce our upcoming kickstarter campaign for an inkstuds tour/roadtrip. expect that to be launching in the next week.

We were also joined by David Brothers, who has a special Inkstuds project to announce. I am really excited to have David joining in. He’s an important writer on comics.

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7 Responses to Inkstuds 500

  1. Bill Tudor says:

    “8 and a half years” and you still can’t produce a podcast with consistent, equalized or listenable volume. Why bother? Are you trying to be “punk rock” or something? I only hear 50% of each show (fortunately it’s the host who is most often reduced to mumbles wafting from the ether).

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