Lawrence “Rawdog” Hubbard


I talked to Lawrence “Rawdog” Hubbard about his new collection from Fantagraphics. Real Deal collects the first seven issues of his self published series Real Deal. Originally concieved with writing partner, HP McElwee aka “RD Bone”, Real Deal is one of the most intense visceral comics I have read in a while. Coming out the early 90s in LA, Real Deal is a violent masterpiece. Not for the easily upset. Fans of Ben Marra should check this out.

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3 Responses to Lawrence “Rawdog” Hubbard

  1. Tommy D says:

    Awesome Show.

  2. Lucius Wisniewski says:

    Great interview! I am looking forward to getting this book!

  3. Oliver says:

    Was on the fence about getting this book (vs renting it from the library) definitely pre-ordering now.

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