Cinema Sewer Launch Party

Robin Bougie is one of my favourite people in Vancouver. Not only is he a dedictated lover of comix, he is also one of the most productive patrons of the local comix scene. Over the last 10 years, he has made a stellar effort to help promote some Vancouver’s most talented unknown local kids. For that reason alone, you should be supporting Cinema Sewer.

Cinema Sewer is Robin Bougie’s love letter to the sleazy side of film. Filled to the brim with interviews, reviews, comix, and depraved fantasies, Robin has a touch of filth to please the most discriminating reader.

Just recently he had his first book published, a collection of the best of his now rare first 10 issues, coupled with 100 pages of new sorts of nastyness.

If you are interested in checking out the book, just follow up his simple instructions.

“10 years in the making, the 200 page Cinema Sewer book from FAB Press collects the best of the first 12 issues, plus almost 100 pages of all new material — making it the MUST HAVE present this Christmas for the movie dork into trashy exploitation and classic porn on your shopping list! This is my blood, sweat and tears in this one, people! YOU MUST SEE IT! Order now by sending $26 (US or Canadian money is fine, shipping included in the price) or $30 if you live overseas to:

Robin Bougie
#320 – 440 east 5th ave
V5T-1N5 Canada

You can also paypal your order via: mindseye100 (AT)

Be sure to request a sketch and a signature when you order, and I’ll draw you something disgusting/sexy in the inside cover. No other site selling them can offer you that!”

Now on to the photo’s from the launch party.






pulp-friction.jpg plummer-and-dart.jpg

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