Brandon Graham week two



Here’s some more of  what I like best about comic books.

Here’s an 80’s manga where the artist manages to work some comic book alchemy and turn the dull sport of golf into something I find exciting.

I really like how the scene is set,:the continent, the city, the ball and the hole. and then the layout of the whole course.

And there’s this Toth page that even manages to show a closet sized room in an exciting way.

It’s intesting to me that in both these examples the text is a big part of how cool it looks.

you know?


Here’s a simmular 2 cops enter a room from different sides –scene draw by two serious dudes.

Masamune Shirow, Appleseed:


And Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, Cinder and Ashe:


Here’s some old Manara pages from one of his Giuseppe Bergman books where he really plays around with storytelling,

Here he takes his male and female characters and switches their clothes and gender.




And this “am i a little girl or a drawing?”

It’s like the teenage girl version of of the” this is not a pipe” picture.

 he goes into how she would change with minor differences in how shes drawn.

ending with her skirt abover her waist. 


I really like this page where the girl comes up with a villan for the story.

A true villan with a poo poo heart, I head the guy that runs Latveria has that condition.

And here’s a Manara page where he used a story as kind of a what kind of creep are you -sex quiz

I love  comic book choose your own adventures. Also that dude in the gorilla suit has some nerve!

  And here’s a couple pages from a Pat McEown short (from the back of Weasle #1) Where he switches up the way it’s read. Each row of panels is a floor of a building
and you read it by following the characters in whatever direction they might go as opposed to just reading left to right.

So cool.

 Rebecca Dart’s awesome Rabbit head book that starts as a single line of panels following one character

and then as new characters are added new rows of panels are added until you get a full page.

here’s a Cerebus issue where Dave Sim used reapeating panels of Cerebus
upset and drinking along with chunks of a larger picture of him looking big and dramatic.

It gives the issue a feeling like its a music video.  



Another thing I like to see in comics is where the story is helped out by what’s printed around it.

Like this Steelgrip Starkey comic that has a fold out ad for the fictinal company the main characters work for.


I love this Enki Bilal book, The woman Trap.  where the main Character, Jill is writing articles about her future world and sending them back in time with her scriptwalker machine.

The 80’s printing of it came with a seperate newspaper with articles written by her.

The one on theleft is the origonal look of the newspaper and the right is the 2005 reprint.


And here’s an Otomo book that starts with a story about a group of  kids going underground and the cover acts like part of the story.


And I really like this set up from paul Popes Smoke Navigator– where before you even get into the story he shows you all these scenes that are part of the later comic.

And a Daisauke Igarashi table of contents that I thought was cool.


And here’s some more pages I meant to get to last time.

Nick Bertozzi’s RUBBER NECKER. I just like how he did the lower panel here. with a cutaway and multiple versions of the same dude to show that hes looking through the place.

This one is amazing to me how well it works. With the 2 guys hanging out on top of a bridge and jumping off –but for some reason the final panel is in the center.

and it works.


And another guy whose work always gets me hyped about comics is Thomas Herpich.

From his Cusp book, I love how once he’s shown you what “do this”  means then he doesn’t even need to show the drawing for it to work.

And another page of Tom’s with a panel just scratched out. This is another thing where I’m amazed he even tried it but it’s fantastic.


My all time favorite thing to run into in comics is seeing someone who is fully capable just having a blast and fucking around.

I love this page from Moebius’ The horney goof with the naration in the lower panel talking about how it doesnt need to be there but how it looks nice.

And it does look nice.

And another Horney goof page with the compleatly unnecessary ham sandwich in the 4th panel.


And a great scene from a Newmen porn manga, Secret Plot deep– Where a part of the story is deleted for security reasons.

I really dig that arrow pointed at the building on the horizon.

Here’s a Katsuhiro Otomo comic that I like. Just because it feels like him messing around.

i imagine this is what he’d do if he was in Heavy metal in ’82


And an akira toriyama Dr slump page with lettering violence!. He does so much cool shit in his early books.

Like this great scene where he draws himself as a alien with a pen head –just as an excuse to skip a scene.


And Here’s some James Stokoe, (from Won ton soup 2 hyper wontonsoup twoton soup the quickening 2 …soup) –where his characters get so doped up that the pages go blank and the reader has to finish it themselves.


I love the nerve of this ozamu tezuka scene, where he has a characer interupt an important flash back.

Often when I read a comic that I don’t enjoy I feel like I’m a chef taking a sip from a ladel and saying “needs more crazy”


i’ll leave you for this week on these Joe Wight’s Twilight X pages. Not because it anything crazy but just because I think it’s a really well done reveal and I think that’s worth a lot.

thanks ,



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11 Responses to Brandon Graham week two

  1. Solomon Echo says:

    Man, these examples are amazing. Reminds me that there’s still a lot to get excited about in comics. Thanks!

  2. Cody says:

    I loved that part in Stokoe’s book. “MY EYES ARE CHICKENS”

  3. Kevin Czap says:

    You are one of the greatest things to ever happen to comics education. Really appreciate you sharing all this wonderful stuff all the time.

  4. Joe Decie says:

    This post inspires, I’m gonna go make some comic drawings. I was in a rut, but now I’m out of it.

    Good work Brandon

  5. Kai says:

    Looking at the comics you posted made me wonder, are you familiar with Shintaro Kago? Dude does bizarre comics that mostly revolve around sex and/or gore, but they all have really cool elements to them like the story being created as the panels reproduce via asexual division or the characters in the story being followed around by whatever previous panels they were in. You can find a good chunk of his stuff via google.

    The Manara page with the sex quiz made me crack up specifically because of the bit with the gorilla. Interestingly enough, they actually have very small genitalia. I think it’s an insult in quite a few African countries to tell someone they’re hung like a gorilla. (Then again it wasn’t an actual gorilla, so who am I to judge the artist’s knowledge of primate dicks.)

  6. John Christ says:

    I always dig these posts.. I just miss them on LiveJournal! Get back to LJ or no more homebrew for you!!!

  7. Brandon says:

    I’m glad you guys are liking these.

    Kai- Yeah, Shintaro Kago does fantastic stuff. I need to read more of it.
    It’s great how much work is out there really pushing what can be done.

    What you wrote about Manara reminds me of something else that I enjoy about working on comics, how much you end up having to learn just to tell a story. i wonder If manara has has to check a Gorilla dick encyclopedia out from the library. We can only hope.

    John!- I’ll be back soon enough, I don’t think Inkstuds wants any of my dirty pair fan art and photoshopped cyborgs mussing up his classy joint.

  8. Esty says:


    this is just what I needed; my tank was on empty.
    “You’ve got the juice, now.”

    thanks 😀

  9. REP96st says:

    I swear B, you gota go into some kinda schooling in comics. Cats can sure learn off you!

  10. Ian says:

    Wow Wow! Such great stuff, especially love those Toriyama and Tezuka pages, so much fun. I was just at the shop and found the Appleseed book you posted on the LJ where they’re hanging out in the park and get ice cream, so great. I also picked up the complete run of Zooniverse off Ebay but haven’t gotten to read it all yet, loved the first issue though.

  11. Tait Howard says:

    Hey brandon, I go to SCAD and took your comics workshop when you visited last year. Im really glad you put some of the same stuff on here because it was a fantastic workshop that really got me thinking about the possibilities in comics. awesome!

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