Chris Wright

Chris Wright has a really interesting unique vision in comix that I think is just freakin’ awesome. He creates this awesome Victorian world of odd obscure creatures. Check out his book Inkweed from my good friends at Sparkplug Comics

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  1. phil says:

    Talking about Vaugh Body made me think of this- how about an interview with Pedro Bell? He’s getting some attention from museums/galleries and apparently is in poor health. I fear the art establishment has no idea what to do with him but an inkstuds interview would be fascinating. Just a thought. Someone should document his thoughts about his contributions while we got him around.

    Love the show.

  2. admin says:

    I will have to look into that further. I do love P-Funk, but am not really familiar with his work.

  3. carrie says:

    “We’re hot shit. Deal with it.”
    New tag line?

  4. admin says:

    Why not. Comix need to be cockier anyways.

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