Disquietville Vol. One

I am always a sucker for the comix with loaded with great smooth storytelling using some classsic cartooning techniques. Daniel Spottwood makes me a happy reader with his classic strip shaped mini, Disquietville. Schooled in the ways of Ivan Brunetti, Peanuts and Chris Ware, Daniel’s colorful book is full of great character’s dealing with daily troubles and tribulations. The thing about his work that really sucks me in, is the way he is able to use the panel and to its full potential. The character’s of Disquietville are filled with struggles that amuse and delight. Originally posted online as a weekly webcomic, his stuff works better as a print comic. Daniel has created a small town of striving artists, pissed off deli boys and broken hearts. One of my favorite features is the great bold coloring he uses. It musn’t be cheap for him to print up the comix, so do yourself and Daniel a favor and pick it up at a con, or order it online and help support some great cartooning.

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