Inkstuds Dirtybird

When I first started doing the Inkstuds show, many years ago, I had my good friend Robin Bougie design me a flyer. Knowing me as well as he does, Bougie creator a wonderfully awkward image of a bird type person as my stand in for radio show hosting. I have the nick-name Dirtybird that was given to me when I used to play hockey with some friends and was known for not being particularly good, but scrappy as all hell. So that’s how we get the Inkstuds Dirtybird. My extremely self-indulgent habit of late, has been to commission  cartoonists to do their versions. I am really happy with what I have been getting in the mail. You may have already seen the Joseph Bergin III image that I posted a couple of weeks ago. Today, I got another amazing piece. Many thanks to Paul Hornschemeier for lower his standards and taking my filthy money and turning out something truly terrible and wonderful. I was going to save this for my upcoming major good news, but I couldn’t wait.


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  2. Looka says:

    It’s the Hornsch! …Sorry Mr. Paul. The rad drawing made me do it!

    Robin, when INKSTUDS comes to ABCBS as a nightshow will you have a doodle-wall where guests can drop some ink??

    Well, people could also draw on the white design furniture…

  3. carrie says:

    I hope that, when we finally meet in person, you look exactly like this. If not, I will be very disappointed.

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