Inkstuds Off the Grid

Image by L. Nichols

Hey there folks, no new Studs this week. Sorry about that, but there are well over 300 interviews to take a listen to if you would like. My personal life has taken over for a couple of weeks and not allowed me to put anytime into the show recently. Over the summer I have been working a ridiculous amount and thankfully that is coming to an end. Starting next week, I will be working a job I really wanted that will allow me a lot more flexibility and time to put into the show. There is a new Inkstuds related project that I am really excited about that I will be unveiling in the next couple of weeks.

The other thing taking away from my time is that I am in the midst of moving into a new home. If you remember my shelfpr0n on Robot 6, you know it’s gonna be more than a little work. Special thanks to Brandon and Colin who have both signed up to help me this weekend.

All the while moving, I am also scheduled to be interviewed at Word on the Street in Vancouver at 11am in Author’s Tent. My good friend and colleague Sean Cranbury from Books on the Radio will be interviewing me. I expect good things. Sean does something similar to me, but he deals with book authors, while I yak with cartoonists.

Image by Jason Turner

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