Jordan Crane

Jordan Crane’s Uptight is one the last regular comics coming out nowadays. The series format is much like old issues of Love and Rockets or Yummy Fur, something that is a nice break in this “graphic novel” focused market. He has also been doing these incredible Silk Screen prints that blow my mind and as well as a little series of comics called Non.

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  1. Looka says:


    Seriously, can you believe I haven’t read this? I am hanging around it like crazy for a while now and hope to close in for some reading.

    Yes the FLOPPY has to keep going!

  2. Looka says:

    When freetime comes around I will know the term you have come up with. I was yelling that – Floppy sounds good when you yell, it. I like other descriptions better too.

    • inkstuds says:

      How about comic. I think comic is a good term. Whenever someone talks to me about comics, that isn’t into comics, they always say graphic novels. I correct them, stating that comics isn’t a swear word and really, thats all they are, bigger comics.

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  4. Looka says:

    Yeah totally, COMIC also is a more round, grown description, while GN has a bit of a marketing dent to it, even more so lately. Nothing against the concept of a large Comic with many pages – like you said it’s just bigger. It doesn’t need book/novel attached to it I believe. I would love to see regular bookshops have a longbox or MiniComicstray, haha.

    Coming to think of it, I get a lot of that “Minicomics are not real Comics” talk when people that have a recent GN reading background compare Minis to what they have seen of Comics. I never had the idea to seperate the two, because of seeing it the way that Comics are Comics (…and really just devouring every format in grasp when growing up). That was just brought up by that GN-against-COMIC-term-battle thought…

    Here in Austria the mainstream lives of translated work, and basically the french album format always had the pole with titles like Asterix and Lucky Luke (thinking Blueberry as well). Even considering that kids entertainment books like Tarzan and Stan and Laurel, Lassy etc where all printed in “Floppy” format in the 60’s here too. It was never a original thing. So when fans here think Comic they mostly think ALBUM. Tsk!

  5. David says:

    Comics and books and albums. all good. Even picture book!

    Floppy and pamphlet are dreadful demeaning terms. Graphic novel is such a ponce. All novels are graphic! and many are subtle too!

    What will it be next flaccids? or how about eunuchs, seedless, homos, socially inadequate?

    Hey is that a eunuch your reading?

    Actually no its a socially inadequate.

    Jordan crane was good, like his pictures. He’s big on green isn’t he?

  6. Doug says:

    I don’t understand what’s wrong with ‘pamphlet’. That’s what they are! I think it’s fair to use the correct term to describe an object.

  7. Are you from San Diego? – cool!!!!

  8. David says:

    your being ‘groomed’

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