Kim Deitch part 1

Interviewing someone like Kim Deitch, is the reason I do this show. Kim is a pioneer in the world of comix, creating an intrecat complex universe revolving around Waldo the Cat. Kim has created a sleazy world of drugs, drinks and madness that can surround artistic passions in the veil of wonderfully constructed world of early 20th century animation studios, Vaudeville and depraved carnivals. His most recent books are Shadowland from Fantagraphics and Blvd of Broken Dreams and Alias that cat, both from Pantheon. Here is a great Deitch cartoon that ties in quite nicely to the show and his work.

I was joined by local media hound, Robert Dayton, for an indepth retrospective of the works of Kim Deitch. After I mixed in some songs, the interview comes in at an awe inspiring 3 hours. This is an interview that all cartoonists and comix enjoying people should listen to, just to get a glimpse into the mind of one of the genre’s masters.

So without further babling, here is part 1

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  2. Todd Dolce' says:

    WOW! How great is that! Kim Deitch!!! Nice podcast!!!

    I’ve been trying to reach Kim’s father (Gene) for awhile now to interview him for my podcast,…(as I’m a huge fan of Gene’s) but it is nearly impossible to do so as he seems to be out of the internet loop and there seems to be no way to reach him. I’m sure that he still resides in Prague,..but there is no e-mail address for him.

    Anyway,…nice work!

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  6. Kevin says:

    An amazing interview! I used to listen to this obsessively at a boring office job, and revisit it about once a year, always finding it inspiring.

  7. Jack Howard says:

    Monkeydoodle is a real cartoon from 1931 by little known cartoonist, Les Elton.

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