Moomin Chat with Paul Gravett and Juhani Tolvanen

Comics expert Paul Gravett and biographer of Tove Jansson, Juhani Tolvanen, joined me for a really exciting and engaging conversation about all things Tove Jansson and Moomin. Many thanks to both of these gentlemen for coming on, it was very late for them and they were great. Paul curated a wonderful sounding show in Brussels, covering a wide range of Tove Jansson’s work. As well, Juhani will wrote a biography of Tove’s life that has been published in Finland and France, and will be out eventually from Drawn & Quarterly.

For more information on the Moomin work, check Drawn & Quarterly’s fine series of strip reprints as well more of Tove’s work here.

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  1. Simon Roy says:

    It’s nice that Tove Jansson’s getting a bit more face time in North America. Thanks for having these two on, Robin.

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