Philippe Girard

Quebecer cartoonist Philippe Girard first English translated book, Ruts and Gullies is a delightful and subdued piece of work. Philippe is part of a Canadian world of cartooning that I still know way to little about, but there seems to be a good chunk of great Quebecer books coming out from Conundrum and Drawn & Quarterly.

Also, just for full disclosure, the Inkstuds book is being published by Condundrum Press, the same publisher as Philippe’s translated work in English.

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  3. Gaelen says:

    Great interview, Robin… Philippe is a very entertaining and interesting guest.

    What was the third track that you played (I think it was the third– it has a emale singer)? I often find myself wondering about the playlists… is there any way you could post them somewhere to satisfy the listener’s curiosity?

  4. Sid Clark says:

    well I don’t mean to be pedantic but the link for this interview given on the right-hand sidebar is misspelled, Philippe is misspelled with two l’s, i.e., Phillippe. I wouldn’t mention it but it did make it hard for me to find this page.

    anyway, I’m a big fan of Francophone culture so this was very interesting to me. I grew up in upstate NH and I missed out on a lot of good stuff being cut off from all the Francophone culture around me, even in it’s diluted state. and my workaholic parents never bothered to drive the 150 miles up into Quebec except in ’67 for the Expo.

    it’s too bad you don’t have Julie Doucet in an interview. there is a nice interview with her that’s available in a free podcast from iTunes. she sounds very tired and put upon, poor thing. she’s a real genius, though. her big-headed mooks have a ton more to say than anything Crumb had to say.

    I was also a little surprised to note in this interview that Henriette Valium was never mentioned. I’ve only heard him mentioned a couple times, totally in passing, in these shows and I’ve listened to roughly 200. the guy’s a giant. I even bought a $60 career retrospective he put out a couple years ago. beautiful stuff. so much cool detail. he’s backed off from all that detail now. can’t blame him. his “Pipo Dildo” strip in the old Screw magazine was a real life-saver for me back in ’95. it showed that there were still a few sane people left in this world. Valium’s probably too much of a Francophone to be able to do an interview, which is a pity. it would be nice to hear others talk about him, especially other Quebecois. maybe he’s just too huge? it’d certainly be nice as a break from the continually harping on Kirby and Ditko, that’s for sure.

  5. Sid Clark says:

    Oh, and you misspelled Girard, as well!! in the link on the right hand side. you spelled it “Gerard”. yeah, that made it a real pain to find, you misspelled both his first and last names. he’s a wicked nice guy, too. he deserves better than that.

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