Who should I be interviewing, that I have probably overlooked?

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  1. Donal DeLay says:

    I’ve got two suggestions: Andrew Lorenzi and Ben Rosen.

    Lorenzi just put out a VERY limited run of a mini-comic called FLEETING. You can read some of the strips in the comic on his live journal. They’re amazingly good.

    And Ben Rosen is a great up & coming cartoonist who’s been publishing a mini-comic called INSULT 2 INJURY since his days in highschool. He’s about to premiere THE ADVENTURES OF WHITECAT at MoCCA, which is a great throwback to fun and zany superhero comics. You can read a lot of his whitecate comics – as well as his daily journal comics – on his livejournal also.

  2. Dane says:

    Sam Gaskin! He came out with a book from Secret Acres last year and is constantly working on beautiful minicomics.

  3. d.k. says:

    Jim Ottaviani

  4. M.Emery says:

    Any of the below would be great

    Brian chippendale
    julia wertz
    kevin o’neil
    John Wagner
    Pat Mills
    noah van scriver
    Jeff Lemire
    Roger Langridge
    Posey simmonds
    DAvid Lapham
    Dylan Horrocks

    go another round with bryan talbot after the new book
    Get Victor Cayro to co-host a few shows

  5. Squally Showers says:

    I second the Posey Simmonds request. Others in order of improbability: Steve Ditko, Dave Mazzucchelli, Kyle Baker, Harvey Pekar, Bill Griffith, Brian Bolland, Julie Doucet, Roz Chast, Lynda Barry.

    I’m still pushing for panel shows dedicated to a single bygone great: Wally Wood, Alex Toth are names that come up a lot. In the absence of Spiegelman, maybe a panel looking at his influence, for good or ill.

  6. carrie says:

    Seconding Jim Ottaviani (please ask him about his awesome science comics)

    Eleanor Davis
    Corrine Mucha
    Theo Ellsworth

    And of course, the many more that I can’t think of right now. Come on Robin, read my mind.

  7. Roho says:

    I have a few:

    I am thinking mostly European guys, I am sure some don’t speak english but most probably do:

    – Gipi
    – Mobius
    – Jodorovski
    – Bilal

    Also some of the British guys, I know is also in Europe but it is considered appart:

    – Gaiman
    – Morrison
    – Gibbons
    – Anyone from 2000 AD

    they are currently doing more mainstream work but they all started on the underground/indy scene so it would be interesting to listen to your take on their work and some smart questions for a change.


  8. Donal DeLay says:

    ooh – Julia Wertz is a good choice.

  9. inkstuds says:

    So many great suggestions.

    Julia Wertz and I have talked about doing something when her new book is out, which should be soon. I guess I should email her.

    Gipi does not speak english unfortunately, I think he is one of the best guys in the game right now. I would love to talk to Moebius, Jordowsky, and Bilal.

    I would talk to any of those british guys if they would talk to me. I am going to try and convince Top Shelf to get me to talk to O’neill when the new Marshal Law comes out.

    Elanor Davis is soooo awesome, but probably won’t be doing any audio interviews for a while. I should talk to Corinne and Theo. I need to pick up his book.

    Many other great suggestions. This gives me some good fodder to see what people are interested in.

  10. Larry Marder, on the occasion of “Beanworld” being reprinted and revived.

    William Messner Loebs, whose comic “Journey” has finally been collected.

    Manu Larcenet, if he speaks English.

    Kevin Huizenga

  11. Evan Dahm says:

    Jess Fink is someone who makes very good comics; she is another member of the Webcomics Vanguard. Here: . And she’s drawing a porn comic with a robot here:

    Jenn Manley Lee is working on very cool stuff, too-

    And I am another person publishing online who’s willing to talk-

    These are Webcomic people, sorry. There is good stuff there, though, and I think they would be generally more accessible for interview.

    A couple of people have mentioned Woodring, which I would absolutely LOVE TO HEAR.

  12. Looka says:

    Thanks yous INKSTUDS “readers” for some awesome new reading crushes, that I now have to save my money for to get into!

  13. Matt D. says:

    Jim Ottaviani
    Jim Rugg
    Pat Lewis
    Seth Tobocman
    Tom Scioli

  14. nev says:

    I know its a big name, but considering the name ‘INKSTUDS’ a clowes interview should be allowed to happen

  15. gary.s says:

    ^ i heard a rumor dan clowes has a new book out soon ^

  16. Randall Drew says:

    I’ve been really into Jim Rugg lately so I second that vote.

    • inkstuds says:

      I would Love love love to have Clowes on, and have tried numerous times. I will keep trying. If you listen carefully to the TCAF panel recording you can hear Rugg in the audience arguing with us.

  17. Dirk Deberk says:

    Fred Hembeck?

    Joe Matt again?

    Evan Dorkin again, as well?

    Damn! It’s hard to come up with cartoonists who haven’t already been on or who aren’t dead.

  18. M.Emery says:


  19. d.k. says:

    Mort Drucker

  20. Alek says:

    how about Yuichi Yokoyama?

  21. Pat says:

    John Hankiewicz/Charles Burns/Jim Woodring/Onsmith

  22. ooftah says:

    walt holcombe
    tom gauld
    jordan crane
    steve weissman
    lewis trondheim
    carlos gonzales
    elvis studio
    amanda vahamaki
    jason t miles
    jason overby
    olivier schrauwen

  23. Matt D. says:

    YES, Tom Gauld!

  24. jakub says:

    ooh ooh! anyone involved with Le Dernier Cri.
    mind blowing alternative french comics

    • inkstuds says:

      I picked up some incredible Le Dernier Cri books at TCAF. I am glad they are far away, or i would have less money.

  25. Donal DeLay says:

    I’d love to hear Sammy Harkham back on talking about more of his comics other than Kramer’s.

    Maybe Jim Mahfood, and Oliver East, too. And spleenal.

  26. joseph remnant says:

    Noah Van Sciver-hilarious

  27. Stan Sakai (who has now been doing Usagi for a quarter century).

    Mazzucchelli has a new graphic novel coming out, so maybe he’s not totally impossible?

    • inkstuds says:

      I would love to talk to Mazz, but it will never happen. He don’t do interviews anymore. His new book is great. Sakai is in the works.

  28. Seth again since he just came out with a new one.

  29. anon says:

    Tom Hart. Banks/Eubanks is still one of my favorite graphic novels after all these years. Reaffirms my love for humanity and comics. He also teaches courses in comics.

    Also, Inkstuds is the best. 🙂

  30. chris says:

    Jim Woodring gives the most inspiring interviews ever…I’d like to hear Theo Ellsworth as well..

  31. anthony d. says:

    Noah Van Sciver, should already have one on here! He’s great!

  32. Robin says:

    -Lynda Barry
    -Noah Van Sciver
    -Julie Doucet

    • inkstuds says:

      You will all be happy to know that Noah has sent me a stack of comics and we are going to do an interview in August.

  33. Sean says:

    Joann Sfar
    Lewis Trondheim
    James Stokoe
    Lars Brown
    Bryan Lee O’Malley
    Hope Larson
    Gilbert Hernandez
    Kaz Strepek
    Lucy Knisely (a full interview, I know she’s been on the show before)

  34. Keeley says:


    Potential is being made into a film, Likewise just came out, she is great!

  35. Jude Killory says:

    I know you probably have tried but DAN CLOWES, Charles Burns, Woodring, Mazzachelli, Klaus Janson, Jason Little, Nick Bertozzi, Becky Cloonan,(can you tell I go to SVA) Lynda Barry, Matt Groening, Matt Furie, Hellen Jo, Phoebie Gloeckner, and French Artists like Trondheim, Baudoin, Butch, and Tardi.

    • inkstuds says:

      Yes, i have tried for Clowes numerous times. Mazz doesn’t do interviews. Groening is a good idea. i am hoping to talk to Tardi next year, for his new book.

  36. Tony says:

    Alex Sheikman creator of Robotika series and upcoming Dark Crystal comic

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