Mari Naomi

MariNaomi has been putting out some of my favorite small press comix lately. Her work is a very honest exposure of her own personal sexual history, in her self published comic, Estrus. The comix aren’t porn, just really interesting look at personal relationships and drama. I really think she a super talented cartoonist and you should check out her stuff.

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  2. tyler derdin says:

    A narcissistic look at a failed love life? I understand your goals:
    to “be someone unique” and gain a little respect, but you don’t write about intimate relationships. Mari it’s o.k. to be average. I imagine you looking at all your friends and wondering why haven’t I made it? I’m smarter, very social, have the Asian thing going–what’s wrong with me? Nothing, many of your friends got very lucky. Your probably an O.K. person, but your very obvious. Find your own voice. Why do I feel you have worn out that dvd with the bisexual
    hip chick and Ben Something? Your padded resume is noticeable. Most of
    us want a cool answer to the obligatory American question, “What do you
    do? When you ascend to a higher moral level, you response can be,
    “I do a lot of things”? Hopefully, you will find someone special(not a Sugar Daddy), and in the
    end, realize your just as irritating as that person you are having coffee
    with. Work on inner self yourself and if you do have something really
    special, it might come out on paper. I’m being hard on you for your
    own good. Good luck, and don’t beat yourself up if you never really
    become a Hipster. A moral, honest, self-examined person is what
    will really pay off in the end.

  3. Stephen says:

    For Tyler: From here on out I am going to call you Dude because of your screen name, Tyler Derdin – A classic move from average guys seeking fullfillment through movies (the supressed love of Brad Pitt?), video games, techno, and/or alcohol – how many countless hours do you put in? BTW, When did you stop using the screen name Tristan Ludlow?

    Dude, about being someone unique… isn’t this what you are trying to do by giving the hip (choosing from a dictionary that I think you may access, for better understanding) on the fly – wink, wink – diagnosis? Or could it be you were a fishin’? Maybe an internet attempt of the – “Hi my name is Dude, you come here often? You know most guy’s wouldn’t go for you, but you, you’re just my type. I dig (again accessing from the diction for dudes) you… I understand you!” – bar pick up line?

    I assume when you said – most of us want a cool answer to the obligatory American question, “What do you do?” – that the obligatory part was from the well thought out “Dude one-liner’s” bar tricks. It would fall in sequence with the, “watch what I can make out of this paper napkin”, “how many shot’s can you drink?”, “I thought I was the only one who enjoyed PBR”, “Missing teeth add character!”, “Your place or mine, sweet thing?”
    Dude, aren’t you channeling “average” daily? Aren’t you the one who is hoping that you are more than the IM’ing/comment posting jockey/Hey, is just like Facebook!/HALO playing prince of Playstation?

    Boy, I am glad we got a look at a real honest, to use your words Dude, “Hipster”. It has been nice to see what a moral, honest, self-examined person looks like on the internet. Dude/Tyler/Tristan – you have far surpassed the litmus test! You have achieved the, far too often among males 19-35, status of Dudeness! Congrat’s! We hope it pays off in the end.

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