Simon Bisley

Simon Bisley was one of those creators that had a profound impact on me when I was in my teens. Coming across his work in Slaine was amazing. It was violent, over the top and extreme in all the right ways. Simon has continued to make work and seems to never slow down. We cover a million different things in this interview, but somehow don’t even discuss what he is working on right now.

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  2. Sérgio Amorim says:

    That was fun to listen to. Good stuff.

    I had a very similar experience to yours with Bisley’s work, Robin. But it was with Judgment on Gotham, such a crazy comic!

  3. dTS says:

    Robin, have you checked out Full Cirkle? Some of my favorite Biz stuff right there, hard to find though!

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  5. Joe Neary says:

    This interview is brilliant. So many interesting viewpoints and topics of discussion. Well done both of you!

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