Cecil Castellucci and Marley Zarcone

This week I was joined by the creative team behind Shade the Changing Girl from Young Animal/DC Comics. Cecil Castellucci, the writer behind the book, has been very active on a number if different fronts with new works like Soupy Leaves Home (with Jose Pimienta), The Plain Janes (with Jim Rugg), Year of the Beasts (with Nate Powell) and the novel, Don’t Cosplay with My Heart.

Marley Zarcone is someone who’s work I have been watching for quite a while. I think she has really come to her own with this book, allowing her art to breathe and move taking on the inherent madness in Shade. I really enjoyed the book and enjoyed talking to them both in person.

Shade the Changing Girl continues on some of the idea’s of the original series but Ditko, Milligan, Bachalo and more, but takes it in its own personal direction, feeling fresh and living on it’s own from the previous works.

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