Funding Drive 09 Week 1

This weeks show is a little different. I played music by different cartoonists. It’s a pretty interesting and varied list. This week was the more poppy week and next week will be more um, loud….

Blueshammer – Cotton Pickin’ Blues(written by Daniel Clowes)
The Action Suits – Fun Flies(members include Peter Bagge and Eric Reynolds)
Can You Imagine – How Did I Get Home(members include Peter Bagge)
The Francies – Hey Psycho(performed by Al Columbia and friends)
Extravagant Bachelor – BYOB(mystery disc sent to show)
Kupek – St. Clair(Bryan Lee O’malley project)
100 damned guns – I Ain’t That Bad Anymore(members include Dave Sherrill)
Crumb Family – Little Buttercup(it’s Robert, Aline and Sophie)
Lucylou – Song for Disconsolate Friends(Lucy Knisley)
Archer Prewitt – Leave It Alone(also features Chris Ware on Piano)
Walt and Skeezix Theme Song(performed by Chris Ware)
Arks – Maginot(singer is Paul Hornschemeier)
Daniel Johnston – Casper
Lavender Diamond – Open Your Heart(Ron Rege jr on drums and the video has a cameo by Jordan Crane with his daughter)
Wannabe Texans – Rich Girl(members include J Bradley Johnson checkout all the flyers he did)
Wigbilies – Party Time(Mary Fleener!)
Art Break – Asymetrical girl(Chip Kidd’s band)

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5 Responses to Funding Drive 09 Week 1

  1. Looka says:


    A fine collection there. All are great to hear.
    I can dig the Francies, yes.

    OPEN YOUR HEART is already classic material.

    I guess next time we will hear Lighting Bolt and such? If Tom Neely has a band… I fear it’s gonna be Grind/Crustcore. Just Nerd-jerking there.

    Will you also play stuff by Charlitos (ISR podcast) Disco band??

    • inkstuds says:

      I think everyone knows Kochalka. Charlito, um probably not, other stuff to play that excites me more than disco. Lightning Bolt and Neely, hell yes, its gonna be loud!

  2. Looka says:

    Oh yeah! James Kochalka Superstar! …next time maybe?

  3. Looka says:

    Looking forward to what you will play by the ol’ Lightnin’ Bolt!

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