Funding Drive 09 Week 1

This weeks show is a little different. I played music by different cartoonists. It’s a pretty interesting and varied list. This week was the more poppy week and next week will be more um, loud….

Blueshammer – Cotton Pickin’ Blues(written by Daniel Clowes)
The Action Suits – Fun Flies(members include Peter Bagge and Eric Reynolds)
Can You Imagine – How Did I Get Home(members include Peter Bagge)
The Francies – Hey Psycho(performed by Al Columbia and friends)
Extravagant Bachelor – BYOB(mystery disc sent to show)
Kupek – St. Clair(Bryan Lee O’malley project)
100 damned guns – I Ain’t That Bad Anymore(members include Dave Sherrill)
Crumb Family – Little Buttercup(it’s Robert, Aline and Sophie)
Lucylou – Song for Disconsolate Friends(Lucy Knisley)
Archer Prewitt – Leave It Alone(also features Chris Ware on Piano)
Walt and Skeezix Theme Song(performed by Chris Ware)
Arks – Maginot(singer is Paul Hornschemeier)
Daniel Johnston – Casper
Lavender Diamond – Open Your Heart(Ron Rege jr on drums and the video has a cameo by Jordan Crane with his daughter)
Wannabe Texans – Rich Girl(members include J Bradley Johnson checkout all the flyers he did)
Wigbilies – Party Time(Mary Fleener!)
Art Break – Asymetrical girl(Chip Kidd’s band)

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