Funding Drive 09 Week 2

This week, we look at the harder side of cartoonists making music.

Zak Sally – St(r)utter
Swirlies – Bell
Swirlies – Untitled (Ron Rege jr segue)
Discombobulated Ventriloquist – Untitled(drone tape by Ron Rege jr)
Mindflayer – Zorthians Grazel Time(Mat Brinkman and Brian Chippendale)
Forcefield – Endless Dribbler(members include Mat Brinkman and Leif Goldberg)
Lightning Bolt – Birdy(Half of the group is Brian Chippendale)
Black Pus – land of the lost(Brian Chippendale)
Al Columbia – Alfred’s grandmother
Gary PanterTornado to the Tater(you can check out his newer music here)
Mary Lou and the Tards – Mlk and Chz(early Tom Neely project)
Mary Lou and the Tards – Rape me Amadeus
Self Indulgent Werewolf – werewolf fugue(very recent Tom Neely project)
Kites – Peace Trials(CF project)
Les Georges Leningrad – Supa Doopa(Check out the art in Ganzfeld 4)
Bjork – Declare independence(Black Pus remix – aka remixed by Brian Chippendale)

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