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I really enjoyed Miss Lasko-Gross’s first book from Fantagraphics in her ongoing memoir work, Escape From Special.With her latest book, A Mess of Everything, it seems that not only does she grow up as young person, but this book also shows alot of promise and growth for Miss as a creator. Her latest book, follows her somewhat tumoltuous time through high-school. The really neat thing about her work, is that not alot really happens, it is more of an honest look at growth through an awkward time in ones life. I appreciate that this is a kind of humanizing look, and doesn’t focus on standard trappings of coming of age comics. She avoids the mellowdrama of conflicts with boys and instead looks at the relations with friends. I personally identify with Miss and find some kind of communality of experiences, so maybe thats why she speaks so strongly to me. Oh yeah, and the art is pretty darn good too.

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